Silicone Additive for Wire & Cable Compounds Javachem

Javachem®GT series silicone additives give modified plastic engineers more choices on materials. 

Javachem®GT series have functions of both internal and external lubrication, meanwhile, because of the contained special functional group, UHMW siloxane polymers have better dispersity and more convenient process.

We can provide silicone additives with different carriers whatever the content or medium is, satisfy customer's different requirements and provide quick response product service.


Product name Effective ComponentCarrierApplication







siloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-355pellet25kg PE bag

LSOH polyolefin cable



siloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-350pellet25kg PE bag

LSOH polyolefin cable



siloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-345pellet25kg PE bag

LSOH polyolefin cable



siloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-540pellet25kg PE bagPower, data, communication polyolefin cable compounds


siloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-560pellet25kg PE bagLocomotive, new-energy cable compounds


siloxane polymerPPTPE/TPR1.0-550pellet25kg PE bagTPE cable compounds


Javachem®GT series can obviously improve product performance in the following respects:


Improve processing fluidity, reduce energy consumption and 

enhance productivity.

Promote filler dispersion, enhance the product's oxygen index.

Obviously improve wear and scratch resistance, decrease 

stress whitening, reduce TVOC.

Reduce surface energy, improve hydrophobicity and oleophobicity, antifouling properties and easy cleaning of the product. 

Improve surface gloss and smoothness.

Reduce die buildup, enhance puller speed.


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