Pore forming new material for PP lithium battery diaphragm
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PP diaphragm new material developed by Javachem solved the biggest current technical problem in domestic diaphragm industry, such as low qualified rate of diaphragm, bad consistency, unable to mass production of high quality diaphragm. It is of great significance to promote China’s lithium battery diaphragm industry and enhance the qualified rate of current PP battery micro-pore diaphragm.


Product story of Javachem® pore forming new material of diaphragm


In year 2013, Javachem established associated laboratory with Hangzhou Normal University, and engaged R&D team of professor Yongjin Li from Hangzhou Normal University, who is the lifelong investigator of Japanese institute of advanced industrial science and technology, to research the key material and formula of diaphragm, and develop independent intellectual property rights of innovative materials. It obtains a micro-pore diaphragm of uniform pore size, high average pore size by drawing process of domestic PP material. The associated lab has got great breakthrough in solving the surface physic-chemical properties of PP diaphragm such as thickness of diaphragm, uniformity and surface wettability and paintability.

Javachem successfully developed high performance pore forming new material for PP lithium battery diaphragm, which break through the foreign technical barriers and the situation that core raw material was monopolized by a few countries such as American and Japan.


Core advantages of Javachem® diaphragm pore forming new material

·         Reduce melting point of βcrystalline form, thus to improve the secondary processing performance 

        (such as welding ) (as low as 10-15).

·         Increase crystallization temperature, shorten modeling cycle.

·         Improve impact resistance, heat resistance and enhance rigidity of material.

·         Control flexural strength, impact strength and HDT by controlling processing conditions

        (such as concentration, temperature).


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