Anti-scratch for auto interior PP material
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Javachem PP anti-scratch provides solution to low VOC and scratch resistant for PP and TPO auto-body parts, such as dashboard, door trim, center console and pillar trim. It efficiently improves air quality in vehicle interior from the source.


Product story of Javachem®HG

In recent years, the problem of air quality in vehicle interior is getting increasingly prominent. Drivers have started to pay more attention to the air pollution in vehicle interior, which is the hidden killer to health. The air pollution mainly comes from plastics interior materials.

With characteristics of small density, high performance, excellent heat resistance, rigidity, material modified, easy to process and recyclable, polypropylene has been widely applied to automobile, and become the largest using and fastest growing plastics for auto. However, PP has obviously low scratch resistance which is the critical performance for auto-parts such as dashboard, center console and door trim. Furthermore, the own characteristics of general scratch resistant agent easily results the over high content of VOC in PP, thus can’t meet the requirements on odor and atomization property for auto interior. The previous amide lubricant with low molecular not only leads problems such as stickiness and blooming when they migrate to the material surface, but will also affect odor and emission characteristics of material, leading high content of VOC, which become the “hidden killer” to the heath of drivers and passengers by seriously polluting the air in vehicle interior. Therefore, it is getting the main research direction and target for plastics and automobile industry that how to solve the problems of odor dispersion and scratch resistance of PP at the same time.


Core advantages of Javachem®HG

·         Contained functional group acts as anchoring effect in PP resin, effectively improves the compatibility 

         with PP material, and makes silicone uniformly dispersed on PP surface without migration, decrease 

         scratches and defects on interior surface.

·         The product surface will not be sticky and become yellow after exposure to light at high temperature. 

        Due to its low VOC, it can improve the air quality in vehicle interior from the source. It is more 

        environmental friendly and safer.

·         Low VOC, no migration and reduce stress whitening, completely meets the standards of OEM like 

        volkswagen and GM, can better serve customers with different material standards, provide more 

        rapid response technical services. And possess perfect supply chain superiority.


Comparison on application features of different types of scratch resistant agents:

Test item Javachem®HGImported anti-scratchSilicone anti-scratch
Product ingredientwith functional groupspecial siliconetraditional silicone
Anti-scratch performance++++++
Anti-scratch persistence++++++
 Impact performance+++++
Stress whitening Resistance+++--
Haze performance+++++
Light, heat aging resistance+++++
Odor, VOC performance+++++


Application test:

Test item Javachem®HGImported anti-scratchSilicone anti-scratch
Cross scratch ΔL (10N)0.451.372.54
Cross scratchΔL (10N)(102℃,168h)0.520.981.93
Stress whitening ΔL0.201.031.45
Tensile strength (MPa)22.5821.6822.07
Flexural strength (MPa)29.5929.3229.68
Breaking elongation (%)63.7868.2564.05
Notch impact strength (23℃,kJ/m2)27.6626.5527.60
Surface migrationnonono
Surface migration (thermal ageing 168h)nonono


Javachem®HG acts with anchoring effect in PP resin, which can easily concentrate on the surface and impart PP interior material with excellent scratch resistance



Scratch resistance of Javachem®HG in PP material 

(PP+20%Talc PV3952,10N)



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