Application of Javachem β-crystal nucleator RC-10BT/MB in PPR pipes
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Modifying by β-crystalline conversion, PPR pipe possesses even and soft β-crystal structure, which gives it good chemical resistance, heat resistance and creep resistance, it will also have good impact resistance and corrosion resistance at low temperature, especially long-term creep and stress cracking resistance, excellent pressure resistance, the surface wear resistance and easy of welding (weldablility), etc.



R&D background of Javachem®β-crystal nucleator


As a new type of plastic pipe, PPR pipe material possesses high impact strength, low brittle temperature and other characteristics. To transport hot water at 70, long-term internal pressure at1Mpaas an example,service life can be up to 50 years. PPR pipesare mainly used to build hot and cold water system, drinking water system and panel (including floor) heating system, which has been widely promoted and applied. In spite of many advantages, PPR pipes also have some disadvantages such as high coefficient of thermal expansion at high temperature(95), low notch impact strength, especially impact properties at low temperature can not meet requirement.

Borealis is the first company who launched Beta-PPR into the market. Compared with general PP-R pipe material, Beta-PPR can improve more than 50% of long-term strength at 70 after 50 years. The pipe wall of this kind of pipe can be made thinner, use higher speed of extrusion, reduce the use amount of material and improve results. Or we can make bigger diameter of pipe to enlarge the volume of pipe, which offer a solution for the problem of water supply at low hydraulic pressure.

Javachem obtains excellent performance of β-PP-R materials by adding Javachem®β-crystal nucleating agent into PP-R resin which adopted from domestic market .


Advantages of Javachem®β-crystal nucleator

·         Impart PPR material with even and soft Beta crystal structure.

·         Improve impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

·         Improve long-term creep resistance and stress crack resistance.

·         Impart material with excellent pressure resistance and surface wear resistance.


Testing analysis of Javachem®β-crystal nucleator

(1) WAXD analysis of β-PP-R

WAXD analysis of β-PP-R shown in figure 1.β-PP-R contains plenty of β crystalline form [diffraction peeks of crystal face of relevant β300(16°) andβ301(21°) are high ], at the same time, there are also few α crystalline form[diffraction peeks of crystal face of relevantα110(14°) , α040(16.8°) andα130(18.4°) are low ].]


(2) DSC analysis of β-PP-R

DSC analysis of β-PP-R shown in figure 2, β-PP-R have typical characteristic of double melting peaks, the melting peak of 134.2 is β crystalline form, and the melting peak of 145.7 is α crystalline form


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