Multiple applications of Fluorine-containing silicone
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As a highly reactive element, fluorine is called to be “naughty child in chemical industry”. While reacting with other elements, fluorine will turn into compound with highly safety performance, such as heat resistance and hard to be corroded by drugs and solvents. The polymers containing fluorine have good performance such as stickiness, water and oil resistance, lubrication, low flexural modulus and good electrical property. Fluorine compounds are widely used in many fields such as household goods, office automation machine, semiconductor and automobile.


Product story of Javachem® AF

Javachem®AF is HMW polysiloxane with organic functional group fluorine-containing, combining both advantages of silicone and fluorine.

Javachem®AF has good enrichment, fluorine-containing silicone molecules evenly distribute on the product surface without migration to where else and can reduce the surface energy and impart the material with excellent hydro-oleophobicity, antifouling and self-cleaning properties. It can improve the appearance of elastomer materials such as TPV, TPE and enhance touch feel. Javachem®AF extends properties of thermoplastic elastomer including good heat-resistance, hydrolysis-resistance, chemical-resistance, excellent thermal stability, environmental protection and prolongs the service life of materials.


Application fields of Javachem® AF

Javachem®AF can improve extrusion and injection molding properties, reduce die buildup and enhance mold release. It is widely used in injection molding of the thin-walled products such as mobile phone, laptop, bluetooth headsets, and commodity, cosmetics, sports equipments and small household appliances, etc.

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