High efficient modifier for PP material
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With great effects of increasing the crystallization rate, crystallinity and β crystal transformation, Javachem®RC masterbatch is a high efficient modifier for PP material. It can improve crystallization temperature, reduce cycle time and enhance dimensional stability, while improving impact strength, heat stability (HDT) and stiffness.


PP sheets

·         Wider range of processing conditions in thermal forming process, with 20% productivity increased

        and 5-10% density reduced

·         Dosage of TiO2 is reduced by 50% at least for white or non-transparent container but still with 

        whitening effect      

·         Increasing the edge thickness of PP sheets for better stiffness and loading capacity of container

·         Shorter cycle time by 20% for process treatment than general PP sheets

·         Suit for geogrid and food packaging


PP films

·         Higher porosity of PP microporous membrane and more uniform pore size distribution

·         Membrane density reduced by 12-30% under different processing conditions

·         Suit for high performance films such as lithium battery microporous membrane and 

        breathable membrane



PP injection molding

·         With 2% Javachem®RC MB, impact strength is improved by over 50% with no influence on stiffness

·         Improve printing and coating properties

·         Reduce cycle time and improve stability

·         Suit for packaging industry with FDA approval



PP pipes and frames 

·         Increase crystallization temperature, shorten cycle time and promote productivity

·         Improve impact resistance and heat stability, enhance 10-15% of HDT

·         Improve chemical resistance and weldability

·         Suit for PP-R pipes, large chemical containers and cold-chain packaging



PP modified material

·         Reduce shrinking and wrapping, improve dimensional stability

·         Increase pore forming rate and pore uniformity in PP microcellular foaming material 

·         Excellent synergistic with calcium carbonate, improving dispersity of calcium carbonate and

        impact resistance of material

·         Suit for auto bumpers, appliance housings and transfer containers





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