Non-/Flame Retardant TPE Cable Compounds—Anti-scratch & Less impurities & Gloss and Smoothness
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Javachem®GT-650 is an ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in PP resin. The contained functional groups act as anchoring point in PP resin, which impart good compatibility with materials. 

The ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer of  Javachem®GT-650 concentrating on the surface of molded parts imparts the material with long-lasting excellent scratch resistance. It can improve the performance of flame retardants, reduce impurities and deliver a gloss and smoothness surface without exudation and stickiness.

Function Mechanism:

The contained functional groups of Javachem®GT-650 act as anchoring point in PP resin, imparting good compatibility with materials. It delivers excellent scratch resistance in low dosage.


Function Mechanism:

  • Lower coefficient of friction, more smooth and comfortable touch feeling

  • Better scratch resistance, less damages and scratches in usage and production

  • Excellent heat aging resistance, no exudation and stickiness when exposed to light at high temperature

  • Synergistic flame retardancy and higher oxygen index

  • Less impurities, increased throughput

TPE/SBC Application Tests:


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