Irradiated XLPE, Electronic Fine Wire, High Speed Extrusion Cable Compounds-Reduce die drool & Enhance line speed
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Javachem®GW-6200P is a copolymer of siloxane polymer and polyolefin. It can be highly proceeded in constant processes and almost compatible with all known thermoplastic polymers. With excellent internal and external lubrication, it greatly improves  processing fluidity of thermoplastic polymers. It improves surface quality in low dosage, such as gloss and smoothness, with no influence on processing and mechanical properties. 

Extrusion Torque Comparison 


Javachem®GW-6200P has excellent internal and external lubrication, good compatibility with materials

Combustion Residues 


Javachem®GW-6200P improves IFR properties and provides stable and compact char

Heat Release Rate and Total Smoke Release


Javachem®GW-6200P provides lower peak heat release rate and total smoke release

Oxygen Index Test


Javachem®GW-6200P has synergistic flame retardant effect with IFR

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