Javachem®GM innovative silicone wear resistant additive for shoe materials
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Development trend of sole materials

Consumers have increasingly higher requirements for the selection of materials, comfort, appearance and style of shoes, meanwhile, manufacturers are also struggling with their customers' wearing experience. The material of POE continues to introduce new ideas, the material of EVA and OBCs continues to expand application, the material of E-TPU are well received with its weather resistance and high resilience as well as other shoe materials such as SEBS, POP, TPR, TPV, TPE, NR, PVC are balancing with various performances of color modification, lightweight and soft elasticity.

As an elastomer-based composites, shoe soles will cause friction with the ground during use, which affects abrasion and improves wear resistance of elastomer-based materials used for shoe soles. It is of great importance to predict the safety, service life and energy saving of shoe soles.

Sole material characterized by more elastic recovery, high strength, lightweight, wear resistance and lower compression deformation is a future trend.

Research on the silicone compatibility

Adding silicone additives is one of the main methods to improve the wear resistance of shoe materials. It can achieve wear resistance by reducing the surface friction coefficient of materials, however, it is not easy to use a large amount of traditional silicone as additives in elastomers.

Silicone is usually a material with very low surface energy whose main chain is Si-O. It is hard to be compatible with base resin of the C-C main chain. If silicone blends with base resin, a two-phase separated polymer will be obtained, the island shaped silicone is dispersed in the base resin, causing a weak interface force between the two phases. Therefore, improving the compatibility and dispersion of silicone in materials is crucial to exert it to improve the overall performance of materials.

Javachem has developed a new generation of Javachem®GM UHMW silicone wear resistant additive for elastomer -based shoe materials.


Javachem®GM wear resistant additive is UHMW silicone with special functional groups acting as anchoring effect in the resin which contributes to improved compatibility with substrates. Javachem®GM can evenly concentrate on the materials, enhance the elastic resilience, reduce friction coefficient and abrasion, imparting materials with excellent long-lasting wear resistance and anti-slip performance.

Javachem®GM wear resistant additive can help improve processing fluidity of materials, promote filler dispersion, enhance dimensional stability of bubble cells, and improve flexural resistance of materials with no influence on hardness and density. It can be widely used in running shoes, basketball shoes and various professional sports shoes.

Working principle

With special functional groups, 

evenly concentrate



Traditional silicone not compatible with material, unevenly concentrate


silicone wear resistant additive

Application advantages

Polysiloxane modified with active functional groups 

Improved high compatibility with the substrate

Enhanced processing fluidity and promoted filler dispersion

Higher molecular weight than traditional polysiloxane

Better wear resistance with the same dosage

Elastic resilience as main focus, reduction of surface friction coefficient as supplement

Good compatibility with base materials and strong bonding force

Long-lasting wear resistance

Not easy to migration and exudation, improve the slippage problem

Modification of polysiloxane with different compatible groups can expand the application of Javachem®GM in other different materials.


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