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With exceptional performances and cost effectiveness, polyolefin is an eco-friendly material in the entire life cycle of production, processing, application and re-production. It is considered to be an ideal material in various applications and widely used in electrical appliances, packaging, agriculture, automobiles, communications, construction and other areas of the national economy.


For example, automobile plastics are developing with the trend of polypropyleneization.However, the wide application of polyolefins has also brought many negative effects, the so-called "white pollution" film material is the one of examples. Therefore, new polyolefin materials are mainly developed into two directions. One is to improve the performance of materials to replace more other materials and make new contributions to the sustainable development of mankind; the other is to modify polyolefin to make it more eco-friendly.

Through years of R&D innovation and practical application, Javachem has provided additives with different functions in the processing of polyolefin materials. Today we will invite you to explore together in the aspects of "processing difficulty, "scratch resistance", "stain resistance", "antistatic performance", and "adhesion enhancement".


Fluoropolymer Processing Additives


Javachem®SF is a fluoropolymer processing aid based on a new dispersion technology, which disperses in the fluoropolymers when polymerization and forms a coating structure of low surface energy polymer in the base resins. It is characterized by fast start-up, high-temperature resistance and non-coking, thereby providing a comprehensive solution such as eliminated melt fracture, reduced die drool, enhanced throughput and promoted surface gloss for high melt viscosity polyolefins. It covers wide applications in the processing of polyolefin materials like granulation, film blowing, casting, wire drawing, pipe extrusion, etc.



Anti-scratch for auto interior PP materials#

The types of car interiors are full of variety, ranging from smooth to existing coarse and fine leather textures, from black interiors to light-colored interiors with higher requirement of scratch resistance.

Javachem®HG series anti-scratch contains special functional groups. With the help of silicone modification technology, it has better compatibility with PP materials after special compatibility and dispersion modification, imparting auto interior PP materials with excellent scratch resistance, low VOC and low stress whitening. From beginning development to the present, Javachem®HG has gone through many different stages and each stage is in differentiated research and development to meet the more demanding performance requirements of customers and keep pace with market trend. It has better scratch resistance with less dosage.



Stain resistant solution to materials


Plastic, as one of the main materials in the housings of home appliances and 3C products, has a certain degree of water resistance while poor resistance to oils. When used as the shell of household appliances such as rice cookers and soy milk makers, it is easy to stain grease, smoke, fingerprints and other stains during daily use and cannot be washed out. It is difficult to achieve the surface hydrophobic, oleophobic and antifouling performances, which affects its original appearance characteristics. 

Javachem®AF is a modified UHMW polysiloxane containing fluorine groups, which combines advantages of silicone and organic fluorine. With special fluorine-containing silicone macromolecule structure, Javachem®AF can evenly enrich on the surface of PP materials, imparting the materials with reduced surface energy, excellent hydro-oleophobic, antifouling and easy-cleaning properties. It can improve the appearance of materials such as PP, TPE and TPV. 



High-performance antistatics#

Plastic and film products are indispensable in our daily life. Most plastics are insulators with surface resistance and volume resistance greater than 1012, imparting plastic materials with good insulation properties. Therefore, plastics and its finished products will inevitably generate static electricity in the production, handling, contact, separation, friction and collision, which leads to many disasters such as surface dust absorption, film closure, electronic device breakdown, electric shock and explosion.

Javachem®A series is an internal antistatic agent. Due to its standard particle form, it is suitable for direct injection molding, extrusion and blown film after mixing with the plastic particles. Compared with the traditional antistatic agent,Javachem®A will not generate bridging and wall sticking, no dust when stirring, which is beneficial to the environment. It contains 100% high purity effective content, which makes the products static dissipative, avoid environmental dust pollution, and maintain continually clean and bright. Meanwhile, it can be produced into high content anti-static masterbatch to improve throughput.



Adhesion enhancement to polymer materials


Due to its low surface energy, low polarity, bad wetting property and certain crystallinity, polyolefins are not easy to directly adhere to adhesives, coatings, inks and other materials containing polar functional groups or polar components. Therefore, people had conducted in-depth research on the reasons for the difficult adhesion of these polymer materials and related surface treatment methods.

Javachem®KF is a polymer-based surface modifier with special amino functional groups. By enriching on material surface, Javachem®KF improves surface tension and enhances adhesion as well as wetting property. It can also reduce surface defects such as coating cracking and pitting and thus enhance yield rate.


Javachem has been committed to providing performance solutions to materials. We will continue to deepen research and development of new silicone materials and new technologies, while keeping up with the times and trends. We will respond to the new requirements of the industries and customers with material solutions such as better appearance, more exceptional performances and sustainable development.

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