Organic black VS Carbon black
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Black, as the most classic fashion color, has been favored by the public. In the packaging of paint-free materials for cars, shells for consumer electronics and personal care products, the high -gloss black surface can enhance the brand recognition. But the phenomenon of "floating fibers" often occurs in the processing, which makes a matt surface.And the abrasion during use will also affect the product performance to a certain extent.

Javachem® high performance organic black masterbatch, provides high gloss, super bright, and anti-scrath surface solutions for nylon materials. Its unique aesthetic performance bring more brand recognition which can make your piano black eye-catching and meanwhile achieve long-term high gloss surface protection.


Javachem® functional organic black masterbatch is based on nigrosine black, which is the most deeply black, deeply blue and transparent product in dyestuff. It can be used in injection molding, extrusion and fiber processing, particularly suitable for glass fiber reinforced nylon and PBT. With high performance of hue, stability and heat resistance, it makes the surface of the product maintain a piano black texture, improves the comprehensive performance of home appliances, antomobiles and other engineering plastics, to solve the floating fiber in glass fiber reinforced materials.

Organic black VS Carbon black

Organic dyes, completely dissolved in nylon, has good compatibility with the substrates, so as to achieve a good dispersion performance. While carbon black can only reply on its poor mechanical dispersion, which has always been a big obstacle in plastic parts.


① Organic black compatible with polymers 


② Carbon black only dispersed in polymers

Nigrosine black- blacker, brighter


Precautions for nigrosine

  • Variable purity:

        Dichloro residues


        Chlorine content

        Fe content

  • Undertone - blue/red

  • Thermal stability

  • Continuous stability

Among the color masterbatches, the production of black masterbatch has many obstacles. The detection and production process are much more difficult than other ordinary color masterbatches. The higher the concentration is, the more difficult to control.

Javachem controls the quality of organic black from three aspects: raw materials, production process and detection on finished products.

Eye-catching appearance

It is very important to have its own high-quality appearance. Generally, the color of organic black masterbatch is required to be pure in order for a blacker and better appearance of the finished products.

For black masterbatch, there is a difference between blue undertone and red undertone. Under the conditions of illumination, it can easily distinguish the hue difference of organic black masterbatch through our eyes. Of course, the color difference test can be more visible.


Better performance

Javachem®high-performance organic black masterbatches perform well in Lab value test, thermal stability, DSC, hot-water dissolution and CI chlorine content.

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