The next five years, together to the future
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Five years ago, someone came to Javachem because of a job advertisement on the telegraph pole and was attracted by the well-paid. Someone was introduced by a friend and chose here without thinking about going other places for a try. Someone came here because he wanted to challenge himself.

Five years later, they said, they didn't expect their initial trials to persist for this long. When they saw the date of joining on Thanksgiving Day a couple of days ago, they just realized that they were already experienced staff members. They said, in past five years, great changes had taken place in the company, new challenges for each day, every day is fresh; such days are full of unknown and space for growth, such life is full of vitality and interest. In the past five years, there are many impressive things in memories, for example, company group travel all over the country, being together to share delicious food and celebrate birthdays every month, yummy food in dinning hall and lovely partners in Javachem.

Some of them became an outstanding staff in the first year and then jumped three levels to become the leader of the silicone production line. Someone became the monitor of the production line and the group leader, made their own efforts to obtain certificates, being a strong force rooted for tree of Javachem. Someone regained his hobby once gave up because of job, and now they live a pastoral life admired by others after work.

Being honest, hard-working and caring, they are definitely the interpreters and inheritors of Javachem's core values. In the continuous self-development, they adapt to the changes of the enterprise and also help the enterprise to grow better.

Today is a story of five-year staff from Javachem.

Five years

Qingxing Guo2016.2.26

Jinpei Zhu2016.3.2

Lei Wang2016.3.24

Duyan Xia2016.9.7

Yongxian Hou2016.9.26

Daren Chen2016.11.15

60 months, 260 weeks, 1825 days, 43800 hours, five years, this time shows their persistence, love for work, recognition of the company and values, thank them for what they do. The name formed by each of them who are struggling and working hard is called Javachem.

Thank them for contributing one of their golden years to Javachem. At the moment filled with fickleness, not everyone can persevere. The silver coin specially prepared for five-year staffs is a summary of the past five years. Now let us look to the future in the next five years.

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