Javachem Polyolefin stain resistance solution won the “2018 Plastics Industry – Ringier Technology Innovation Award”.
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Innovation comes from everywhere, but not everyoneinnovates. For those outstanding, unique and great innovations, it is necessary for discerning people to recognize and identify them. It is because of such group of people that promote the development of today’s plastic industry of China. Therefore, it is necessary to reward these innovators and thank their talent scouts.

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Definition · Innovation

The Ringier Plastics innovation awards ceremony was held in Shanghai on March 7, 2018.Javachem® AF Polyolefin Stain Resistance Solution won the “2018 Plastics Industry – Ringier Technology Innovation Award”. Mr. Ren Jie, the technical director ofJavachem, represented the company and delivered an acceptance speech.

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The plastics industry innovation awards, sponsored by Ringier Industrial Media, aims to recognize innovative products and technologies that have outstanding efficacy in the plastics industry, encourage more enterprises to invest in technological innovation, increase productivity and economic efficiency, provide users with more convenience and achieve environmental protection and sustainable development.

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Definition· Javachem®AF

Javachem®AFisan ultra-high molecular weight fluorosilicon copolymer dispersed in polypropylenewith organic groupsmodified. Iteffectively combines the advantages of silicone and fluorine, delivering processing performance and surface waterproof, oil repellent and antifouling properties to polyolefin materials.


Javachem®AFuniformly enriches to the polyolefin surface without exudation, effectively reducing the surface energy and increasing the contact angle, making it easy to wipe and preventing scratches on the surface, at the same time delivering good appearance and soft touch feeling to the material surface. Through the surface enrichment and hydrophobicity of silicone, it not only extends the material properties, but also provides excellent wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance and chemical resistance, prolonging the service life and imparting excellent thermal stability and environmental protection.



Three years ago,Javachem®HG Automotive PP Scratch Resistant with low VOC solutionwon the “2015 plastic industry – RingierTechnology Innovation Award”.

In the past three years, Javachem has been focusing on improving the definition of low VOC. We purchases a complete set of deodorization equipment, improves the production process, forms an odor assessment team, and visits customers on a regular basis, realizinga product flow from raw material procurement, production control, finished product management, and customer feedback. It improves interior air quality of automotive from the source which is more environmental and safer.

Javachem focuses on the research, development and application of innovative products in the silicone field. From PP scratch resistant to polyolefin stain resistant, from the concept of "making the product as an art" to "surface kungfucreating a better life", Javachem has beenworking on self-improvement.

Definition·Stay true

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The year of 2018 is the 13th anniversary of the Ringier Plastics Innovation Awards, and it is the 20th anniversary of Ringier entering the plastics industry. The last sentence of Ringier’s short video is “In the past 20 years, things changes, butwe always stay true”.

The year of 2018 is the 18th anniversary of Javachem. We are grateful to all the partners who have accompanied Javachem along the way. In the future, we hope to bring you better experience and services.

Stay true, and keep innovative in 2018.

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