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Chinaplas 2018 international exhibition on rubber and plastic industries has a success ending. As the one of most influential exhibition in the rubber and plastic industries, Chinaplas has developed into an international platform for global suppliers and buyers to provide high-end technology release and  exchange. If we miss our encounter with you in Chinaplas because of our confusion, now we have anther chance to meet again. 

Our team of international trade will set off for NPE. It is the right time to learn about our trip for NPE 2018 which is also the one of most influential exhibition in the rubber and plastic industry, 



Established in 1946, NPE has witnessed the rapid development of plastic and rubber industry for more than 70 years, motivating the innovation and intelligent creation in many new fields. NPE 2018 will cover the vast market for plastic which is worthy of 600 billion U.S. dollars from Canada to Chile. As a big party for plastic industry in the Western Hemisphere, NPE 2018 will not only have the opportunity to open the resource-rich North American market, but also provide a chance to dock with plastic companies from South America, Europe and Asia. 



Silicone Additive for Wire & Cable Compounds


Javachem focuses on research, development and production of silicone additives for wire & cable compounds, providing the high-performance additives to meet stringent performance and processing requirements of customers

● Javachem®GT silicone additives

Improve processing fluidity and comprehensive properties

● Javachem®GT UHMW silicone wear-resistant agent

Reduce coefficient of friction and improve wear resistance

● Javachem®GW UHMW silicone additives with special functional groups

Reduce die buildup and enhance puller speed

Scratch Resistant Agent for Automotive Interior PP Material


Javachem provides comprehensive solutions such as scratch resistance, low VOC, low stress whitening for dashboard, door trim, center console, pillar trim and other PP and TPO auto-body parts.

With contained functional groups act as anchoring effect in PP resin, Javachem®HG can easily enrich on the surface, imparting interior PP material with excellent scratch resistance

● Javachem®HG-600 promotes scratch resistance of materials

● Javachem®HG-600S has more application advantages in term of scratch resistance

● Javachem®HG-600P has obvious improvement on impact resistance under the guarantee of scratch resistance

Silicone Masterbatch


Javachem is focused on the synthesis and subsequent control of ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymers. The introduction of ultra-high molecular weight silicone masterbatch with different carrier resins can be widely used in plastics modification processing corresponding to the system, improving process and product performance, creating higher performance thermoplastic composites.

● Processing performance: improve mold filling and release performance, significantly improve processing fluidity, reduce energy consumption and increase production efficiency

● Product performance: improve surface gloss, giving the material a good touch feeling, reduce surface friction of coefficient, improve scratch and abrasion resistance

● Other properties: easy to be added, low migration, no exudation, no influence on printing and coating properties, in compliance with ROHS regulations

NPE 2018丨2018 美国国际塑料展览会


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