Plast 2018--- Struggling on the way to happiness
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In the face of a career, whether there is a sense of mission has become crucial.

Our team of international trade  shoulders the mission of making the products all over the world. From the constant exploration of market to the footprints in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and South America, this is pride of our team in continuous development.

Just 13 days after the end of NPE, they will start again after resting for less than 10 days.

This time they will go to Milan, which is the one of eight largest cities in the world.  As a world-famous city and fashion capital, some brief introduction about this fashion tour will be presented for you to learn about.



The 17th  Milano Plast will be held in Milan international exhibition center in 2018, sponsored by the Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Molds Manufacturers' Association, which is the second largest exhibition for plastic industry held in Europe and only to K show in Germany.

Polpular color---Greenery 

Popular color is the trend of benchmark. Mastering the benchmark  can lead the direction of trend. For the brand, each brand has its own color propery. And over time,  it can become its own specific symbolic color, such as “Taobao” orange, “IKEA” blue and “Dior” black.

Javachem’s fashion color is always the beloved greenery. Green represents hope and also stands for vitality and the future direction of green chemistry.

For this time, we still want to bring the greenery product tree for stylish Milan. Representing the vitality, we hope the products of Javachem can widely spread in the European market through this exhibition.


Polpular element--- Minimalism

The information flow is so fast that the content needs to be precise; the life is so arduous that trivial matter is best to be simple; the exhibition space maybe narrow but everything should be simple after abandoning some meaningless things.

We try to create relaxed and comfortable space for everyone to chat. The  minimalist poster points out the application advantage, which saves more time for communication and visit; with well-prepared coffee, drinks, candies and cakes, we hope to be treated our stand as casual place for talk after put off all alerts. Even if it cannot be achieved in one step, it will sow seeds for subsequent communications.


Polpular source---the best product 

The best product comes from persistence and focus. In the past years, Javachem has learned about the products from the point of customers, improving the products from the perspective of convenient applications along with establish ingenuity in research and development. 

For this time, we bring the star products of Javachem which is the application of silicone materials in the plastic industries, solutions to special modifier for polypropylene and high-performance special black masterbatches. 

Through the efforts in the exhibition, more development and application promotion can be achieved in the segment markets in Europe. 






Plast 2018丨2018 意大利米兰塑料展览会


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