Ending X Start - PLASTINDIA 2018
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A wonderful journey


Date: Feb 7th -12th, 2018

Add: Gandhinagar

After more than two decades of development, the three-year PLASTINDIA has become the thirdlargest plastics exhibition in the world only to K-show and Chinaplas.

From an unknown regional exhibition to an international exhibition, PLASTINDIA has completed a prefect transformation. Symbolizing the rapid development of plastic industry in India, which is also a milestone to the development of plastic industry all over the world.

Full preparation before each travel, new experience during each travel and a little bit of harvest after each travel.

Going to Gandhinagar of India is the last stop at the end of lunar year 2017, which is also the first stop of the New year 2018. I believe it will not only a perfect ending but also a new start and new development.

Good preparation

Every foreign exhibition is ideal and we do our best to prepare for it. The place is not big but simply translucent; we do not have everything but the coffee and candy are enough, together with excellent products, best gifts and wonderful posters. We focus on small details in order to have a wonderful journey with you.

Excellent products

Javachem®GT silicone additive used in wire& cable industry satisfy the more demanding performance and process requirements of customers.

Javachem®HG provides the auto interior material with comprehensive solution such as scratch resistance, low stress whitening and low VOC.

Javachem®A antistatic agent solves the problems of electrostatic discharge during the process and dust suction during the storage.

Javachem®KF provides solution for adhesion enhancement to polymer materials, reduces surface defects and improves the coating yield.

Javachem® provides a wide range of special lubricants for engineering plastics in order to have internal and external lubrication and improvedcomprehensive performance of products.

Sincere invitation

PLASTINDIA 2018Gandhinagar

Feb 7th -12th



More sustainable solutions, welcome to your arrival

Full preparation before each travel

New experience during each travel

A little bit of harvest after each travel

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