wire China 2018 | Javachem®GW silicone additive challenges the limit of cable material performance
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Wire and cable affects all aspects of our life, providing us with lighting, smooth communication and secure transportation.

In the production of cable, there are many problems with multiple environmental influences such as processing technologies and applicable materials. 



Silicone Additives for HFFR Cable Compounds

Javachem®GW  is a high-performance silicone additive based on silicone and olefin copolymerization technology, which effectively improves the compatibility of silicone and polyolefin materials thus improving the dispersion of Javachem®GW  in LSOH cable system. It has more balanced internal and external lubrication to improve comprehensive performances of materials.


The generation of die drool can jeopardize any extrusion process of cable, casuing many problems,including visible surface defects of extrudates, process disorder and even product scrap. 

Javachem®GW can effectively reduce die drool which leads to appearance defect, promote product quality and decrease rejection rate.



Due to a large proportion of added fillers, it is easy to affect the processing and mechanical performances during the production process of cable materials. Besides, the cable surface may also has certain defects. During the transportation, manual or machine transport may cause different degrees of scratches. It is very common to be scratched during the usage.

Javachem®GW improve scratch and abrasion resistance of cable surface 



Due to insufficient fluidity, the LSZH flame-retardant polyolefin cable materials may have some problems such as lacking filling, gloomy surface and difficult mold release. 

Javachem®GW improve processing fluidity, reduce torque and enhance productivity 




Javachem®GW promote the dispersion of inorganic flame retardants, improve the compactness of cable materials as well as enhance flame-retardant performance


We can provide silicone additives with different carriers whatever the content or medium is, satisfy customer's different requirements and provide quick response product service.

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