INTERPLASTICA 2019 | Finding the answer in Russia
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Lunar New Year is coming.

The summary is well done and the plan is on the agenda.

Though the passion for Javachem 2019 New Year Party is still going on, little fairies of the international trade team will make a journey without stop.

Start with new routine and direction and further focus on the products.

The fresh blood of the 22nd INTERPLASTIC is about to meet you after half-year preparation.


After more than two decades of development, the three-year PLASTINDIA has become the thirdlargest plastics exhibition in the world only to K-show and Chinaplas.

From an unknown regional exhibition to an international exhibition, PLASTINDIA has completed a prefect transformation. Symbolizing the rapid development of plastic industry in India, which is also a milestone to the development of plastic industry all over the world.

Full preparation before each travel, new experience during each travel and a little bit of harvest after each travel.

Going to Gandhinagar of India is the last stop at the end of lunar year 2017, which is also the first stop of the New year 2018. I believe it will not only a perfect ending but also a new start and new development.


Held by the Messe Düsseldorf Exhibition Company,  INTERPLASTIC (Russian International plastic and rubber exhibition) has become the most influential plastics industry exhibition in the CIS countries. 





Cultivation of Product Tree 

For most of time, we want to learn and display, so the exhibition has become a very important channel and window. Meanwhile,the booth has become a stage for us to show and express.

In a few years, the branches of our product tree have also extended to more places to touch more thoughts and requirements. The positive feedback and the gradual improvement will bring plumper fruit, stronger trunks and deeper roots.

Javachem’s consistent grass green is a symbol of vitality, hoping that Javachem’s product tree will be able to grow stronger in the Russian market through this exhibition.



 Subtraction on products 

Simple superposition is very easy while a slight subtraction needs careful consideration.

Just like a fruit tree, you must trim and discard some of the branches for the sake of having enough energy to make the preserved fruit thrive.

For the past few years, Javachem has been doing on subtraction in order to focus more attention on products and realize more value for our customers.

We will bring Javachem’s star products for this time including silicone-based additives for plastic industry, polypropylene speical modifier and high-performance black masterbatch. 






Running on the way 

In the past two years, whether the improvement of professional knowledge, promotion of service awareness or personnel managemnt, Javachem’s internation trade team is in a rapid growth and the positive energy hidden behind the entire team is accumulating. As a recorder and witness of these journeys, we also see more possibilities.
Never forget why you started in 2019. And let silicone innovative materials be better applied to the plastic industry, realize more value for customers, let our staff happliy work and live along with make small and beautiful exhibitions.

Just running on the way, tomorrow will come

We will find the answer in Russia.




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