With time and effort, Ready for Brazil
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In April, it will be busier.

The ready-made plans are underway and well-prepared jounerys are completed step by step.

Feel the lingering cold breeze in spring, experience the vitality and hopes after a long time accumulation and surprisingly see the blooming wisteria that full of branches. Everything turns out to be a demonstration of accumulated  hard work and time. 

April 19, 2019

A second time to Brazil for FEIPLATIC 2019

Maybe there was a litttle confusion two years ago. So after these two years, we are going to show more and expore. 



Held once every two years,  FEIPLASTIC(Brazil international plastic exhibition) is the largest plastic processing exhibition in South America, bringing together top enterprises and cutting-edge technologies from local and around the world. Just like the excitement of the Brazilian Carnvial, FEIPLASTIC is also a grand carnival for plastic industry, combining the attention and enthusiasm in the plastic inside and outside the industry. 


Comparing the exquisite booth to the carnival costume, the attentive exhibitor is just like a carnival team. In this five-day event, Javachem wants to present you such wonderfulness. 











At FEIPLASTIC in Brazil, for us, it is not only a time to show our products and its quality, but also a chance to enjoy the the fun of learning. It is a great honor and rare things to be able to gather with the world’s top specialists. 


Recall the participation in 2017. The Brazillians are so enthusiastic, if you give them a beginning, they will write what is going on toghther with an ending. Even though the exhibition only lasted for five days, everyone was able to quickly integrated into it. Because of this deep impression, the FEIPLASTIC has become a topic we ofter talk about. 


Bob who visited the booth many times for endless communcation of market and products; Miss G loves Chinese elements, recommended specialists for us and gave the delicious chocolate to us; A Brazilian student who carefully requested a brochure, attentively looked at the sample like a work of art. It is just perfect point to cherish each other and accumulate the experience in the time we spent together. 


Brazil is a place that bring us a lot of surprises and good fortune.  It is like a person who struggles for tow years and returns to the old place to see growth of each other.

Hope to meet our pals who attended the exhibition last time and feel the warm relationship.

Hope to chat and exchange updated products and technologies with our old friends.

We hope that more new friends will like us and stories about Javachem. 



Javachem Booth


  Welcomes for more sustainable solutions!  

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