Chinaplas 2019 | Let’s enjoy the hard-core collision and learning show
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Chinaplas 2019 comes to an end. 

Thanks the partners for leanring together in these four days. 

Unforgettable moment is always memorabe while the most impressive is that we are continuously  growing and becoming better during this process.  

Time is our best friend. In every accumulation, we are learning and growing. 


Last year our junior sisiter is shy to communicate with customers but now becoming more and more confident. 


Tranfer from sale assistant to international trade, Bella restarts professional knowledge and begins to learn oral English, no longer feel nervous when facing the customers. 



Annie and Jane have seen your guys for many times. They will make detailed arrangement before exhibition, balanced with customer reception and visit for a pleasant conversation. 


Mr Ding and Mr. Chen are technical sales with professional knowledge in their minds. They are likely  to understand the client’s demands when communicating. 


Our big brother Larry prefers to share his own experience and mode to make the team wildly grow. 

During the exhibition, our technical team gave us a lot of support.


 Interviewed by PT Modern Plastics, Mr. Ren had a fantastic performance. 


When the customers put forward with some technical questions, the responsible party of different projects will give more professional responses and feedbacks.


From the anti-scratch agent to the current series of products, the corresponding test plaques will be made. We are very happy when hearing customers say that we are more comprehensive in the terms of technical application.  

We are learning and growing up, there may be little hardship.  But luckily, we are still making progress. 

The exhibition brought us not only growth but also collision. 


Collision of products let us better understand market application and bring more possibilities. 



Collide with foreigner customers, expore more markets, understand the demands for new materials and silicone, we are still on the way. Letting Javachem products spread and thrive all around the world is always our dream. 


The collision of communication make us find our own shortcomings and give us a chance to overcome and do some changes,


while the collision of wonderful food bring us a pleasant feeling. 

Different collisions, different fireworks.

What we see, what we hear and what we learn about will become our surprise and harvest.

Looking forward to the bright moment when we meet again.  

Chinaplas2019 is a past while Chinaplas2020 becomes a new beginning.

We have full expection for next year  and continue to work hard for a better Javachem. 

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