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K show is the world's largest, highest level, most professional representative plastic and rubber industry exhibition.K exhibition is famous in the world, not only because of its huge scale, but also because it has given birth to new incentive factors and brought unprecedented business opportunities to the rubber and plastics field.K show, which is held every three years, will celebrate its 21st grand festival from October 16 to 23, 2019.

With its rich experience in r&d and application of plastic additives, jiahua has been committed to becoming the most dynamic supplier of plastic additives in China and creating sustainable solutions.On the K2019 stage, jiahua will show the world the innovative application of plastic additives in various fields and the advanced concept of "surface strength · creating a better life".

Anti-scratch Solution to Auto Interior PP Compounds

Scratch resistant    Low stress whitening    Low VOC


Javachem®provides comprehensive solutions such as scratch resistant, low VOC, low stress whitening for dashboard, door trim, center console, pillar trim and other PP and TPO auto-body parts.

Javachem®HG is an efficient scratch resistant agent for auto interior PP material. The contained functional group of UHMW siloxane  acts with anchoring effect in PP resin, which makes it compatible well  with PP material. Javachem®HG con- centrating on the surface imparts PP interior material with excellent and long-lasting scratch resistance without stickiness and yellowing after exposure to light at  high temperature. It can also effectively avoid stress whitening problem that normally exists when scratch resistant agent is added. Due  to its own character-  istics, it can improve the interior air quality of automotive from the source, thus with more environment protection and safety.  

Javachem®HG PP scratch resistant agent for auto material won the plastic industry – 2015 Ringier Technology Innovation Award, and got approved by Volkswagen, GM, Toyota and other OEMs. With perfect local advantage of supply chain, we can provide quick response in tec- hnical services.

Silicone Additive for Cable Compounds

Synergistic with HFFR  Decreased die drool  Promoted line speed


Javachem®GT silicone additive specially used for halogen-free compounds give modifiedengineers more choices on formulation.

Javachem®GT is UHMW polysiloxane with functional groups which have functions of both internaland external lubrications, effectively decrease die drool and impart cable materials with abrasionresistance.

We can provide silicone-based additive with various functions to meet the different requirementsof cable material customers and provide quick response in technical services.

Anti-scratch Solution to PC/ABS and PMMA Compounds

Scratch resistant   Abrasion resistant    Improved surface gloss         


Javachem® SG high-performance polyester modified silicone is especially suitable for substrates such as PC/ABS and PMMA, which gives the material long-lasting scratch resistance, improves scratches in daily use, and improves assembly and plug convenience. 

Javachem®SG eliminates surface defects and keeps the product glossy and smooth for a long time, delivering good appearance recognition to the products such as home appliances, automotive interiors, and consumer electronics.

Javachem® SG has good compatibility with base materials due to the unique polymer structure. With characteristics of no migration and no blooming, it does not affect post-treatments such as spraying, printing and electroplating processes. Javachem® SG improves the surface properties and mechanical performances, which is widely used in spray-free high gloss materials. 

Rheology Modifier for Nylon Compounds

Hyperbranched structure   Ehanced processing fluidity   Glass fiber dispersion    


Javachem® provides comprehensive solutions such as internal and external lubrication, process enhancement and floating fiber improvement   for nylon reinforced materials, for example, in instrument panels, engine peripherals, air-conditioning valves, electronic components, motor housings. 

Javachem®HF  is a high-performance hyperbranched rheology modifier for nylon reinforced materials, which has good compatibility with PA resin due to the special polar groups, imparting the materials with excellent thermal stability and exudation resistance. 

Javachem®HF possesses both internal and external lubrication. Due to the special silicone structure, it can effectively improve the wetting and dispersion properties of glass fiber in PA melt, which reduces the friction between glass fiber bundles while increasing the retention length of glass fiber. It can obviously promote fluidity with less addition, meanwhile reducing floating fiber, giving materials a good de-molding property and surface gloss.

High-performance Black Masterbatch

 High gloss   Blue undertone   Improved glass fiber exposed phenomena 


Javachem® functional organic black masterbatch is based on aniline black, which is the most deeply black, deeply blue and transparent product in black dyestuff.  

Javachem®PA can be used in injection molding, extrusion and fiber processing, particularly suitable for glass fiber reinforced materials based on PA . With high performance of hue, stability and heat resistance, it makes the surface of the product maintain a piano black texture, improves the overall performance of home appliances, automobiles and other engineering plastics, to improve the surface of glass fiber reinforced materials.

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