Endless innovation | Javachem®SF fluorosilicone polymer processing aid won the ‘2020 Plastic Ringier Technology Innovation Award
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On July 2, 2020, at the Ringier Plastics Innovation Award Ceremony in Shanghai, Javachem®SF fluorosilicone polymer processing aid won the "2020 Plastic Ringier Technology Innovation Award". Mr. Yi, the technical project leader, represented Javachem and delivered a speech at the scene.

This year's event of Ringier Technology Innovation Award has gone through twists and turns. Influenced by the COVID, the event was rescheduled from May to July, which proved a sentence that all good things deserve to be waited. The original aspiration of everyone's persistence and endeavour is also for the same goal: innovation. Innovation occurs step by step, and we can also take a big step from the existing things to achieve innovation. It drives a person, an enterprise even an industry to reach a better future.

Javachem has been insisting on this philosophy, eager to change, continuous innovation, and unceasingly explore the potential to create greater value for customers. This Innovation Award has added new voting channels, and received a total of more than 20,000 votes through WeChat and emails.

For a new product, new method, new thought, and new technology, the first step is to meet the needs of users. Only if it is accepted by the public and withstand the test of users, can the product and technology have their existence values.

Insist on converting the experience accumulated from the plastic additive industry into customer applications, develop products to solve customers' pain points of product applications, these things are what we have been doing. 

Javachem®SF is a micron grade fluorosilicone polymer processing aid based on the new dispersion technology, which can form the polymer coating structure with low surface energy in base resin and allow the processed polymers slide smoothly across the machine. With the characteristics of rapid onset, good dispersion, high-temperature resistance and noncoking,  Javachem®SF can eliminate melt fracture, reduce die drool, reduce black spots and crystal spots, prolong the processing cycle and improve product appearance. It can be widely applied in the field of polyolefin materials like granulation, film blowing, casting, wire drawing, pipe extrusion, etc. 

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