Wire China 2020 丨 Javachem®GW Providing efficiency and security
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Wire China has grown into a grand event of Wire and Cable industry in Asia and even the whole world after years of accumulation, which will provide you the gluttonous feast of the industry during Sept.23-Sept.26. 

Innovative silicone additives

Silicone additives

People prefer to improve existing materials, such as adding fillers and additives to polyethylene and polypropylene to meet the application requirements, rather than to develop new special plastics which is a very complex process. Javachem®GW-6200P  silicone additive therefore emerged.

Javachem®GW-6200P  is a high-performance silicone additive based on polysiloxane and olefin copolymerization technology, with a silicone content of up to 75%. It is compatible with almost all known thermoplastic polymers. Due to its internal and external lubrication, Javachem®GW-6200P  helps to improve the process ability and fluidity of thermoplastic polymers. With small amount Javachem®GW-6200P , the final products’ surface performances such as smoothness and gloss can be efficiently improved, with no influence on polymer properties and processing performance.


Efficiency and safety

Efficiency and safety


LMW lubricants tend to be absorbed on the die surface at high temperature, increasing the risk of die drool during extrusion. Javachem®GW-6200P  can be an effective solution to this problem, with a result that workers do not have to waste extra time and effort to deal with the die drool ,thus providing them a more efficient, more friendly and safer work environment.


With a large proportion of fillers in the processing of cable compounds, it may have an impact on the processing and mechanical performance and lead to the problems such as diameter fluctuation, insufficient filling, non-smooth surface and  demoulding difficulties due to insufficient fluidity.

Javachem®GW-6200P has a good compatibility with polyolefins, which greatly improves the processing and fluidity of the materials and maintains a good stability under different additions.

✦Extrusion torque comparison


Javachem®GW-6200P has good stability with different dosages


Surface quality may be influenced by the large proportion of the fillers,human or machine transport and use condition.

Javachem®GW-6200P provides excellent wear protection for cable materials.

Abrasion diagram


Javachem®GW-6200P has less abrasion which makes cable surface smoother without defects


Furthermore, Javachem®GW-6200P can ensure that less heat and harmful smoke will be released in the event of a fire when applied in the flame retardant filled polyolefin compounds, creating opportunities for more people to escape in a fire.

Heat release rate and total smoke release


Javachem®GW-6200P provides lower heat release and less smoke release

Wire china&Javachem
Wire china&Javachem

Javachem® focuses on research and development of silicone additives for cable industry, providing customers with high-performance additives with various resins at different concentrations to meet different demands and more demanding performance and processing requirements.

For more information about Javachem®GW-6200P, welcome to W5 E76.

Wire China 2020


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