Endless innovation 丨 Javachem®GM Silicone wear-resistant additive for shoe materials
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Mr Liu Fei, the R&D manager of Javachem, made a speech of “The new generation UHMW Javachem®GM silicone wear-resistant additive for shoe materials” , discussing the future developments of the shoe sole materials together with upstream and downstream professionals in the industry on The Sixth Summit Forum For Shoe Elastomer held in Jinjiang, Fujian on Nov. 06.


Silicone wear-resistant additive

With extensive application experience in the fields of automotive, wire&cabel 

and the in-depth research and application expansion on silicone modification,

Javachem develops a new generation UHMW silicone wear-resistant additive 

for shoe elastomer, which can improve the elastic resilience of shoe sole 

material, reduce COF, decrease wear and tear, impacting the material excellent 

long-lasting wear and slip resistance.



Excellent elastic resilience for improved wear resistance and reduced wear and tear of the material.



No easing of migration and exudation for long-lasting wear resistance and no influence on yellowing resistance


Improved tear and bending resistance, excellent anti-slip performance.

Wear resistance test


With the addition of Javachem®GM, the remaining thickness and surface roughness of the material will be more obvious, demonstrating a superb wear resistance.

Exchange X Discuss

The repeating internal communication, the continuous refinement and many

trials of the speech before the forum were all aimed at conveying more essence 

of wear-resistant additive for shoe sole materials to the audience in the limited 

time, bringing more comfortable listening experience.

We held an in-depth discussion with the participants on product performance, processing technology and other aspects at the booth.

And we were surrounded by several waves of people after the speech, discussing the product details and the application cases.

We’ll continue to explore the application of Javachem®GM UHMW silicone wear-resistant additive for shoe materials, to bring more solutions to 

upstream and downstream supply chain of the industry.

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