Endless innovation 丨Silicone modification technology and its comprehensive solutions for the scratch resistance of automotive materials
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On Mar. 9th, 2021, at 17th Innovative Plastics Application & Processing Technology Congress, R&D manager Mr. Liu Fei from Javachem held a lecture on the theme of “Silicone modification technology and its comprehensive solutions for the scratch resistance of automotive materials”, sharing our rich experience in the field of silicone anti-scratch additive and discussing the development trend with people from upstream and downstream of the industry.

Javachem®HG scratch resistant additive impacts the auto interior PP materials with excellent scratch resistance, low VOC and low stress whitening. It has passed through different stages with differentiated reach and development at each stage to meet customers’ more stringent performance demand and market development trend.

The styles of the car interiorsare rich and colorful, from smooth finish to current coarse leather and fine leather, from black interiors to more demanding anti-scratch light-colored interiors. Javachem®HG compatible well with PP materials due to its special functional groups. It has better scratch resistance with lessadditions and meanwhile solves the problems like bright spots and flow marks caused by silicone agglomeration.

The sets of experimental data presented in this lecture demonstrate many aspects of Javachem®HG.

Exchange and discussion

It’s a process of linkage between sales and technicians whether at the exhibition or at professional congresses and lectures. Technicians provide more technical support and product essence for lectures while sales collect more information and demands from customers and feed back market and application cases.

Different customers have different application demands. The more customers we contact, the more progress and innovation we need to make and more new ideas about micro innovation on our later products we need to provide. Professional solutions make us more reliable for our new customers.

Exchange and discussion

The R&D development is a continuous rolling wheel, based on the product itself, to make more breakthroughs in performance, and extend new functions, new applications and new technologies.Javachem will continue its closeness to the market, develop more differentiated anti-scratch additives for automotive PP interior materials, to meet the future demand of new energy, lightweight, low emission in the automotive industry.

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