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Chinaplashas always been one of the most important exhibitions at Javachem, where the preparation work starts usually more than half a year before the fair. We endeavour to get agood booth location every year, and we are also dedicated to booth design and prepare impressive exhibits.

Mr. Xu, the owner of Javachem said that we need to go for the exhibition lightly, do not make it as a work, but to playand enjoy it.

So, every in the four-days, everyone is busy, during the day after receiving the new customers on the booth, they will catch up with the time to meet old customers at night, but everyone appreciate this opportunity, it makes us overcome difficulties and grow fast. What we insist on is that not to miss the opportunity to communicate more market segments, so thumb up for you guys, for your hard work and focus.


Time is the best partner. It was the 10th year Javachem attended the Chinaplas, which meant a lot to us. We had many first experiences in Chinaplas.

In 2017, for example, we attended the fair at Guangzhou. In that year, we made a dessert bar and started the mode of ‘enjoying yourself at Javachem’. In 2018, we went to the New Exhibition Hall at Hongqiao for the first time. In that year, we jointly participated in the exhibition and it was a challenge on designing. A group of friends lived far away and rode an ofo sharing bicycle to catch the metro every day, which was also an unforgettable experience. This year we came to the New Exhibition Hall at Shenzhen for another first time. Since a lot of popular new products had been launched at this fair, we wanted to learn more ideas from customers.

It is not only the accumulation of location, time and experience, but also the growth of our team.


Junior Sister grows rapidly and becomes more and more confident in the communication with customers. After a new friend Helen joined our team, both of them are learning in a more professional direction. As the participation of overseas visitors had been affected this year, they took advantage of available time and listened an appropriate lecture every day, just like a sponge to constantly absorb new knowledge.


On Apr.13th, Bangbang was sweating profusely when he first received a customer. After four days, he was able to answer various questions from customers very well.



Bro. Ding and Mr. Chen have already become a skilled technical salesmanwith a lot of professional knowledge. When communicating, they were more willing to understand the demands of customers and receive new market information.

During the exhibition, our technical colleagues gave a great support. Besides on-site assistance, they had been working hard for the speech at technology platform. When customers came up with questions, technicians in charge of different projects would give more professional answers and feedback.






A team is constantly growing, which is awesome.

The exhibition brings us not only growth, but also collision. The collision of products is for a better understanding of market applications, which brings more innovative possibilities; the collision of communication allows us to discover our own shortcomings, then to overcome them and make more trials and changes. Through a brief exchange, we hope that everyone can get to know us first; With more contact later, we can figure out customers’ requirements and find the chance to cooperate. We help customers with their needs while customers help us know more about the market.


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