Silicone wear-resistant additive


Javachem®GM wear-resistant additive is UHMW silicone additive with special functional groups acting as anchoring effect in the resin which contributes to improved compatibility with substrates. Javachem®GM can evenly concentrate on the materials, enhance the elastic resilience, reduce friction coefficients and wear, and give the material excellent long-lasting wear resistance and anti-slip performance.

Javachem®GM wear-resistant additive can also improve the processing fluidity of the material, promote the dispersion of fillers, enhance the dimensional stability of the foam cells, and improve the flexural resistance of the material, while has no influence on hardness and density. It can be widely used in running shoes, basketball shoes and various professional sports shoes.


Wear resistance test


With the addition of Javachem®GM, the remaining thickness and surface roughness of the material will be more obvious, demonstrating a superb wear resistance.

Comparison of DIN wear test

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Javachem®GM obviously reduces wear and tear of the material at 1% addition, following by an approximate decrease of 20 mm3 for every increase of 1%

Slip resistance test (static friction coefficient)



Javachem®GM does not reduce the dry and wet friction coefficient while remaining excellent slip resistance of materials. 

Application benefits

Excellent elastic resilience for improved wear resistance and reduced wear and tear of the material.

No easing of migration and exudation for long-lasting wear resistance and no influence on yellowing resistance

Improved tear and bending resistance, excellent anti-slip performance.

Addition reduced by more than 1% compared to ordinary silicone to achieve the same wear resistant effect

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