Polymer processing additives


Javachem®SF is a micron grade fluoropolymer processing aid based on a new dispersion technology. It is characterized by fast onset, good dispersion, high-temperature resistance and non-coking, thereby providing a comprehensive solution such as eliminated melt fracture, reduced die drool, enhanced throughout and promoted surface gloss for high melt-viscosity polyolefins. 

During processing, Javachem®SF will migrate to the metal surface and create a fluoropolymer coating which provides a low surface energy interface between the melt and metal wall of equipment and die, allowing the melt to slip through the die smoothly. It reduces the friction and improves the non-uniform melt movement. It helps to eliminate melt fracture and reduce die drool, provide easier flow and pressure reduction, it reduces waste and equipment downtime, improves product appearance, and covers wide application in the processing of polyolefin materials like granulation, film blowing, casting, wire drawing, pipe extrusion, etc.


Die drool reduction



Javachem®SF can effectively reduce die drool, improve surface gloss of product and minimize reject rates.

Rheological curve comparison with capillary rheometer



Javachem®SF can achieve rapid onset and reduce the pressure.

Blown film test



Javachem®SF effectively reduces bubble vibration, improves processing stability and eliminates the "shark skin" of film surface. 

Temperature resistance test


Javachem®SF has good temperature resistance without yellowing at high temperature.

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