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High temperature resistant silane oligomer
High temperature resistant silane oligomer for LSOH cable materials

Javachem®GW-100 is a high-temperature resistant silane oligomer used for low smoke halogen free flame-retardant cable materials.

● Increased limiting oxygen index(LOI)

● Reduced surface energy of inorganic flame retardant, endowed its surface with excellent hydrophobic properties

● Enhanced wetting of inorganic flame retardant, promoted dispersion, improved agglomeration

● Higher flash point applicable to higher processing temperature, less loss at high temperature, high application efficiency of active substances and less content of volatile organic compound (VOC)


Low smoke halogen free cable materials

● Increased limiting oxygen index(LOI)

● Enhanced dispersion of inorganic flame retardants in polymer matrix

Inorganic flame retardant surface treatment

● Improved agglomeration

● Imparted inorganic flame retardant with excellent surface hydrophobicity

LOI(ATH-based FR system):


In flame retardant system based on ATH, Javachem®GW-100 improves LOI by 9% and has no effect on the physical properties of materials

LOI(calcium-based FR system):


In flame retardant system based on calcium, Javachem®GW-100 improves LOI by 28% and has no effect on the physical properties of materials

Water contact angle:


Compared with the blank sample, Javachem®GW-100 significantly improves surface treatment of aluminium trihydroxide and calcium powder

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