Silicone additives
Silicone additives for HFFR cable compounds
Silicone additives for HFFR cable compounds

Javachem®silicone additive is siloxane polymer with special functional groups which provides the balance of internal and external lubrication. It significantly improves processing fluidity, effectively reduces die drool and imparts cable materials with abrasion resistance. It promotes the dispersion of inorganic flame retardant, improves the compactness of cable materials, enhances the flame-retardant performance and processing convenience.

Javachem® is equipped with the leading domestic automatic production line from silicone polymerization to masterbatch blending granulation. We have been focusing on silicone additives for HFFR cable compounds, offering modification engineers more choices in formulation.  

ProductEffective componentCarrierApplicationDosage(%)Content(%)
Javachem®GT-300Siloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-355
Javachem®GT-150PSiloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-350
Javachem®GT-500Siloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-340
Javachem®GT-600Siloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-560
Javachem®GW-630Siloxane polymerLLDPEPE/EVA0.5-345
Javachem®GW-6200PSiloxane polymer-PE/EVA/TPE0.2-275
Javachem®GS-0907FSiloxane polymer-

All polymer systems

Javachem®UHMWSiloxane polymer-


Javachem®GW-100Silane oligomer-




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