Silicone additives
Innovative silicone additives
Innovative silicone additives

Javachem®GW-6200P is a high performance silicone additive based on polysiloxane and olefin copolymerization technology, which is compatible with almost all known thermoplastic polymers. Due to its internal and external lubrication, Javachem®GW-6200P can greatly improve the process-ability and fluidity of thermoplastic polymers. With the low addition of Javachem®GW-6200P, the end products' surface performances such as smoothness and gloss can be significantly improved, with no influence on polymer properties and processing performance. 

With the enhancement of processing technology, product performance, productivity and production safety can be improved.  

Extrusion torque comparison:


Javachem®GW-6200P has good stability with different additions

Application test:


Javachem®GW-6200P delivers less abrasion and die drool as well as lower torque

Abrasion diagram:


Javachem®GW-6200P has less abrasion which makes cable surface smoother without defects

Heat release rate and total smoke release:


Javachem®GW-6200P provides lower heat release rate and less smoke release

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