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Anti-scratch Solution to PC/ABS and PMMA Materials


Javachem®SG high-performance polyester modified silicone is developed for polyesters such as PC/ABS and PMMA, which gives the material long-lasting scratch resistance, improves scratches in daily use, and enhances assembly and plug convenience. It eliminates surface defects and keeps the product glossy and smooth for a long time, delivering good appearance recognition to the products such as home appliances, automotive interiors, and consumer electronics.

Javachem®SG has good compatibility with base materials due to the unique polymer structure. With characteristics of non-migration and non-blooming, it does not affect post-treatments such as spraying, printing and electroplating processes. Javachem®SG improves the surface properties and mechanical performances, and is widely used in spray-free high gloss materials.


Anti-abrasion Test (PC/ABS,D45 1010, 9N, 1000 times)



Javachem®SG enhances the surface abrasion resistance of PC/ABS materials and maintains superior gloss at the same rubbing times.

Anti-scratch Test (PC/ABS,GMW 14688, 10N, 1mm pin)



Javachem®SG enhances the scratch resistance of PC/ABS materials and significantly improves scratches and abrasions.

Anti-abrasion Test(PMMA,D45 1010,9N,100times)



Javachem®SG improves the surface abrasion resistance of PMMA materials, and significantly reduces wears and whitening at the same rubbing times.

Anti-scratch Test (PMMA,GMW 14688, 20N, 1mm pin)


Javachem®SG improves the scratch resistance of PMMA materials and significantly reduces stress whitening and mass loss.


Reduce COF of spray-free material, significantly decrease surface scratches.

Improve the scratches and abrasions caused by the production processes such as turnover and assembly.

Improve surface change in gloss and color as result of surface scratches due to nail scratching.

Deliver a long-lasting glossy and bright surfaces to materials such as vehicle spray-free high gloss grille, gear cover, trim strip and consumer electronic shell at 1% to 2% by weight.

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