Halogen-free flame retardant technology
Silicone flame retardant synergist
Innovative silicone flame retardant synergist

Javachem®FRSi is an innovative silicone flame retardant synergist for FR systems of nylon, polyester and elastomer, which concentrates on the material surface and imparts a good synergistic effect with the major flame retardant. It helps to reduce the dosage  of major flame retardant thus improving the exudation problem and decreasing the corrosion to metal materials. 

Javachem®FRSi is characterized by good thermal stability, low volatility, no chemical reaction with pigments, surface coatings and other chemicals. Meanwhile, it can improve the mechanical performance of materials.

Flame-retardant mechanism:

The silicone flame retardant synergist is concentrated on the material surface during the burning, efficiently generates a dense silica barrier layer on the surface. It can also promote the generation of char-forming barrier layer so as to effectively block oxygen, combustible micromolecule gases and heat thus playing flame-retardant effect.

Comparative tests of FR formulas(PA66+GF30, ADP system):


Exudation test(85℃, 85%RH):


Javachem®FRSi mixed with ADP effectively reduces the exudation under the condition of 85℃, 85%RH

Corrosion test(85℃, 85%RH):


The addition of Javachem®FRSi can protect metal inserts and reduce the corrosion caused by exudation of flame retardants

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