High performance additives for nylon materials
High performance rheology modifier for nylon materials


Javachem® provides comprehensive solutions such as internal and external lubrication, process enhancement and surface fiber improvement for nylon reinforced materials, for example, in instrument panels, engine peripherals, air-conditioning valves, electronic components, motor housings. 

Javachem®HF  is a high performance hyperbranched rheology modifier for nylon reinforced materials, which has good compatibility with PA resin due to the special polar groups, imparting the materials with excellent thermal stability and exudation resistance. 

Javachem®HF possesses both internal and external lubrication. Based on the special silicone structure, it effectively improves the wetting and dispersion properties of glass fiber in PA melt, reduces the friction between fiberglass bundles and increases the retention length of glass fiber. It can obviously enhance fluidity with less addition while lessening floating fiber, thus delivering good mold release and surface gloss to products. 

Application test(PA6+33%GF):


Application test (PA66+33%GF):


Melt flow test :


Javachem®HF obviously improves fluidity of nylon system, with an increase of melt flow by more than 30% at the dosage of 0.5%(suggested dosage: 0.3-1.0%)

Balanced torque test :


Javachem®HF has excellent internal and external lubrication, which effectively reduces the torque of nylon system by more than 30% at the dosage of 0.5%

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