Fluorosilicon-based additives
High performance fluoropolymer processing aids

Javachem®SF is a series of fluoropolymer processing aids based on a new dispersion technology, which can form polymer 'coating' structure with low surface energy in base resin to decrease interface adhesion between polymer melt and die. With characteristics of fast onset, good dispersion, high temperature resistance and non-coking, Javachem®SF provides a comprehensive solution such as eliminated melt fracture, reduced die drool, enhanced throughput and improved surface gloss for high melt-viscosity polyolefins. It is widely used in the processing of polyolefin materials like granulation, film blowing, casting, wire drawing, pipe extrusion, etc. 

Petrochemical polyolefin resin

● Improved surface quality

● Reduced branched-chain carbonization

● Enhanced productivity

Agricultural film

● Improved surface gloss and transparency

● Reduced die drool

● Prolonged production time

Wire drawing

● Reduced filament breakage

● Improved surface gloss

● Reduced die drool


● Improved surface gloss

● Enhanced extrusion speed

● Reduced die drool

Blow molding

● Eliminated melt fracture

● Improved surface gloss of products

● Reduced die drool, prolonged production time

Sheets and profiles

● Improved surface gloss

● Enhanced flow

● Reduced die drool



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