PPSi® series
PPSi® Polymeric alloy material

Javachem has been focusing on the cross-innovation of silicone in polyolefin materials since year 2000. Based on the patented technology of silicone grafted with polypropylene after dynamic vulcanization, the new-developed PPSi® high-performance alloy material is widely used in food contact materials.   

PPSi® high-performance alloy material combines with the characteristics of silicon like heat resistance, weather resistance, low COF and anti-fouling. It enables silicon-based materials to be processed from thermosetting to injection molding, expands the application range and solves the processing problems of silicone rubber. Meanwhile, the production process is clean and pollution-free, which is green, eco-friendly and recyclable. 



The safe and eco-friendly PPSi® polymeric alloy material does not contain harmful substances such as BPA, sulfur/chlorine, can be widely used in food contact materials.  

The material has been passed by SGS Swiss, Intertek UK, Rheinland TUV and Chinese food safety monitoring agency for food contact testing to ensure that the product does not contain BPA, heavy metals, plasticizers which are harmful substances to the human body. It is one of the safest and healthiest materials in polymeric alloys.

●BPA/Sulfur free

  Stain resistance

●Hydrolysis resistance

  Abrasion resistance

●No heavy metals

  No plasticizer


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