Bio-based materials
Biomass injection molded polypropylene materials

Biomass injection molded polypropylene material is composed of highly crystalline PP and wood fibers, which combines the properties of both plastics and wood, including:

Better process-ability, injection molding diversity

● Good strength and elastic modulus, the same compression resistance and bending resistance as hardwood, better durability than wooden materials, 2-5 times hardness than wood

● Water and corrosion resistance, no bacteria and fungi, long service life

● Characteristics change of wood plastic material like density, strength by additives, anti-aging, anti-static, and flame-retardant performances can be achieved

● Excellent UV stability

Good coloring ability, with color choice of wooded, red, black, etc

● Fully biodegradability, biomass content, matrix resin and additives can be adjusted according to customer requirements


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