Wire & Cable
UHMW polysiloxane for HFFR cable compounds

Ultra-high molecular weight silicone Javachem®RH,with even higher molecular weight(Up to 100-150w),achieves excellent lubrication and wear-resistant effects through the outstanding spreadability of its silicone ultra-long flexible chain segments, effectively eliminating resin buildup in the mold cavity.

Javachem® possesses an independently patented UHMW silicone polymerization reaction 

production line (with an annual capacity exceeding 3000 tons).


Die drool test:

Remark: Dieφ3.5mm,Extruderφ70,Line speed110m/min



Javachem®RH1003 which is dihydroxyl-terminated has a very higher molecular weight (up to 100-150W), it brings lubrication effects and effectively eliminates die drool

Abrasion Resistance test:

60% All-Aluminum Flame-Retardant Cable System



Javachem®RH1003 exhibits lower abrasion, a smoother cable surface, and flawless quality

Lubrication test:

60% All-Aluminum Flame-Retardant Cable System



Javachem®RH1003 demonstrates both internal and external lubrication properties, offering enhanced stability

Focus on Javachem:            
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