Halogen-free flame retardant technology
Halogen-free phosphorus-nitrogen intumescent flame retardant

Javachem®IFR is an innovative halogen-free intumescent flame retardant, which contains 17%-21% phosphorus and 19%-23% nitrogen. It helps to provide excellent flame retardancy for polypropylene by expansion into charring. At the same time, Javachem®IFR has good compatibility with the substrate with less impact on the mechanical properties of materials based on special dispersion technology.

Javachem®IFR has four characteristics related to ‘low’, including low smoke density, low smoke corrosiveness; no moisture absorption, low exudation under high temperature and high humidity; low addition, excellent flame retardant effect can be achieved; low acidity, no corrosion to the machine after many times for production.


Smoke density test:

[Processing condition]Extrusion granulation: 220℃; Motor speed: 30-60RPM, feeder speed: 160-180RPM

[Experimental condition]Material size: 75×75×3mm; Test method: flame 25KW


Compared with brominated FR PP, the PP materials added with Javachem®IFR-200 has less smoke release when burning

Intumescent char test:



Javachem®IFR-200 imparts PP materials with higher expansion ratio and better char formation

Exudation test(15 days at 85℃, 85RH)



Under high temperature and high humidity, there is no exudation on the plaque surface added with Javachem®IFR-200

Acid (corrosion resistance) test:



With the addition of Javachem®IFR-200, the 304 stainless steel welded strip has no corrosion under high temperature of 200℃ for 30 days

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