Halogen-free flame retardant technology
Nano-clay char-forming agent
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Javachem®CT high performance char-forming agent is nanoclay intercalating with silicon-based flame retardant. It is used in low-smoke, halogen-free and flame-retardant cable materials after silicone modification technology. With the low addition, it improves char formation efficiency, increases the density and strength of carbon layer, and achieves the function of blocking char formation. Meanwhile, it has good compatibility with resins and no effect on the mechanical properties, has better smoke suppression and reduction in heat release.

●Organic intercalation, silicone modification technology

Improved char formation efficiency, increased the density and strength of carbon layer

●Lower addition, no effect on mechanical properties

Reduced heat release, better smoke suppression


Reduced heat release, better smoke suppression:

Plaque size: thickness 2mm;length 25mm; width 20mm


With the addition of 2% Javachem®CT, a dense and strong carbon layer is formed on the material surface during combustion. It helps to block flameand heat, significantly improve flame-retardant performance

Anti-dripping performance comparison:



With the addition of 2% Javachem®CT, the dripping condition of the material is obviously improved when combustion

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