Challenges under the Covid-Javachem successfully completed a new product line of nylon black masterbatch with annual production capacity of 4000T
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On April 29, 2022, the celebration ceremony for commissioning the new production line of high performance nylon black masterbatch with annual production capacity of 4000T was held in the black MB production workshop.

Throughput enhancement, quality leap

Production manager Mr. Wu introduced various situations of the new line commission and operation. It takes 10 years to achieve the leap of a production capacity from 25kg per hour to 500kg per hour, from underwater-drawing to underwater drawing and cutting. The products are more stable in content and experimental data testing.

In terms of production facility, more machines of high precision and accuracy from the top domestic suppliers have been introduced to our company. Automated data control to reduce errors caused by human factors, high precision equipment to effectively inhibit material decomposition, which can improve material performance, product stability and the whole batch data consistence.

Challenges during the epidemic

For this brand-new production line, from the design conception to the assembly and commission, then to pilot production, we cannot do without joint efforts of the front-line staff of black masterbatch production and the whole equipment department.

Due to the epidemic, the professional equipment technical team could not be at the production site to commission the equipment for us. Through the active communication between the equipment department and them, the whole production line was assembled and commissioned by ourselves. We can proudly say that our equipment team has the ability to complete the assembly of a production line independently.

The front-line staffs of the production line are mainly responsible for the subsequent pilot production. During the whole stage, they actively gave feedback about some problems of the production line when commissioning and promptly notified the corresponding personnel for adjustment. After each on-site problem-solving, re-debugging and re-improvement, we can ensure the stability of the production line and quality.

We awarded prizes and certificates to the front-line staffs and the equipment team of the black MB production line for their outstanding performances. The prize for equipment team is a set of well-chosen equipment tools, with the handy tools to play to their strengths. When working, front-line staffs need to wear safety helmets and remind themselves to pay attention to the safe production without any fluke mind, so this time we prepared another "helmet" which can be put on for relaxation after work.

Struggle together

After the new production line of high performance nylon black masterbatch is officially put into operation, we will have annual production capacity of 4000T, let's struggle for serving more customers.

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