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Scratch Resistance for Auto Interior PP Material Javachem

Javachem® HG provides comprehensive solutions such as scratch resistance, no stickiness, low VOC and low stress whitening for dashboard, door trim, center console, pillar trim and other PP and TPO auto-body parts.

Javachem® HG is an efficient scratch resistant agent for auto interior PP material. The contained functional group of UHMW siloxane acts with anchoring effect in PP resin, delivering a good compatibility with the base material.

Javachem® HG enriching on the surface imparts PP interior material with excellent and long-lasting scratch resistance without stickiness and yellowing after exposure to light at high temperature. It can also effectively avoid stress whitening problem that normally exists when scratch resistant agent is added. Due to its own characteristics, it can improve the interior air quality of automotive from the source, which is more eco-friendly and safer.



Comparison on application features of different types of scratch resistant agents:

Test item Javachem®HGImported anti-scratchSilicone anti-scratch
Product ingredientwith functional groupspecial siliconetraditional silicone
Anti-scratch performance++++++
Anti-scratch persistence++++++
 Impact performance+++++
Stress whitening Resistance+++--
Haze performance+++++
Light, heat aging resistance+++++
Odor, VOC performance+++++


Application test:

Test item Javachem®HGImported anti-scratchSilicone anti-scratch
Cross scratch ΔL (10N)0.451.372.54
Cross scratchΔL (10N)(102℃,168h)0.520.981.93
Stress whitening ΔL0.201.031.45
Tensile strength (MPa)22.5821.6822.07
Flexural strength (MPa)29.5929.3229.68
Breaking elongation (%)63.7868.2564.05
Notch impact strength (23℃,kJ/m2)27.6626.5527.60
Surface migrationnonono
Surface migration (thermal ageing 168h)nonono


Javachem®HG acts with anchoring effect in PP resin, which can easily concentrate on the surface and impart PP interior material with excellent scratch resistance



Scratch resistance of Javachem®HG in PP material 

(PP+20%Talc PV3952,10N)



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