Eco-friendly antistats
High performance antistatic agents for glass fibers

High performance antistatic agents for glass fibers

Javachem®A-100 is a cationic antistatic agent developed by Javachem based on the new synthetic technology. It can be dissolved in water and effectively reduce the static electricity generated by friction on the fiberglass surface when it is coated on the surface of glass fibers, thus reducing filoplume, flying fiber, and lint clumps during processing. Compared with conventional cationic antistatic agent, it has the characteristics of light color, low dosage, good temperature resistance and anti-static effect.

The coated fiberglass products can be widely used in the fields of wind turbine blades, fiberglass pipelines, transportation and sanitary ware. 

TGA analysis:

Active ingredient: conventional fiberglass antistats: 55%; Javachem®A-100:50% 

Testing condition:40℃-100℃, 20℃/min; 100℃, 20min; 100℃-400℃, 10℃/min


Javachem®A-100 begins to decompose at 100°C, and exhibits better heat resistance

Color comparison:


Javachem®A-100 is a colorless and transparent product that does not affect the color of the end product. 

Anti-static effect comparison:

Test standard: GB/T 36494-2018, 30 samples for test, 23℃, 30%RH


Static half period above 40S is considered unqualified.

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