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Permanent silicon-based slipping agent for polyolefin materials

Permanent silicon-based slipping agent for polyolefin films

Javachem®SP is a silicon-based slipping agent containing special functional groups, which is specially used for polyolefin films. It is compatible well with polyolefin materials and has excellent thermal stability, imparting polyolefin films with long-lasting and excellent slip performance. With a small addition, Javachem®SP can significantly decrease the surface friction coefficient of the films, and effectively reduce the defects caused by amide slipping agent in the application such as the wide variation of COF, easy exudation and inferior thermal stability. 

Javachem®SP has no exudation, no yellowing, no inter-film migration, no cross contamination on film surface in the production, processing, storage and later application, which is more eco-friendly and safer. It helps to keep the optical properties of films, improve throughput and quality stability and no influence on subsequent processes such as printing and aluminum plating. It is widely used in CPP, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE and other polyolefin films.

Comparison of application features:


Friction coefficient test results: Film on steel (BOPP film):


Effect of haze (three layers co-extruded BOPP film):

Note: Three layers co-extruded BOPP film, film thickness is about 20μm, 

surface layer thickness is about 2μm


The dosage of Javachem®SP in the surface layer

Evaluation of exudation performance:

ESCA analysis of the Si residual on the surface of the stripped films


--:Below the detection scope, not detected

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