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Food contact silicone fluid emulsion

Food contact silicone fluid emulsion

In the plastic packaging materials, mold release is an important part of ensuring product quality. Improper release agent will lead to the residual toxic and harmful substances, becoming a hidden killer to harm human health. 

Compared with conventional release agents, food contact silicone fluid emulsion can fully utilize the physical properties of silicone to ensure de-molding performance without producing any harmful substances, which is more eco-friendly and safer. 


● Efficient mold release at the low dosage:1%-2%

● Excellent dilution stability and freeze-thaw stability

● Excellent lubrication, shortened the production process, improved efficiency and decreased scrap rate

● Oxidation resistance and no buildup

● Reduced the usage costs of release agent

● Not easy to volatilize, avoid the generation of thick coatings and fumes in the working environment

● In compliance with the Food Safety Law, the GB 4806 China Food Contact Material Test passed

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