Javachem®high-performance polymer processing aids, help production more efficient
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In the early 1960s, fluoropolymer was firstly used in PE materials. It has been found that small addition of fluoropolymers can act as processing aids to prevent shark skin and melt fracture.

The working principle of fluoropolymer processing aids has been well understood since their application. Therefore, a variety of methods can be used to improve the technology of fluoropolymer processing aids. With the advancement of technology, the application ranges of processing aids have been greatly expanded along with wide industrial application.

During the extrusion of polymers, the extrusion process is smooth while the extruded speed is slow, delivering a smooth surface of extrudate. When the extruded speed exceeds a certain limit, the surface quality of the extrudate will decrease, leading to the appearance of "shark skin", the uneven surface, spiral, bamboo-like extrudate.

Melt fracture may occur in all extrusion processes. To eliminate melt fracture, besides using processing aids, other methods can also be used, such as increasing melt temperature, increasing mold size, changing resin processing technology, etc. But the application of processing aid is more reliable and also very effective in most of the basic processes.


Polymer Processing Additives(PPA) is a general term for several types of materials used to improve the processing and handling performances of polymers, mainly taking effect in the molten state of the polymer matrix. Fluoropolymer and silicon-based polymer processing aids are mainly used in polyolefin-based polymers.

The main application of processing aids is LLDPE. In addition, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PP, plastomers, thermoplastic elastomers, PS, nylon, acrylic resins, PVC, etc., also need processing aids, mainly used in blown film, cast extrusion, wire and cable, pipe sheet extrusion, masterbatch processing, hollow blow molding.




Fluoropolymers have lower surface tensions than commonly used resins. During extrusion of molten plastic, it migrates to the polymer-facility metal interface, forming a low surface energy "coating". The coating reduces the resistance of the polymer melt when it passes through the die, so that the processed polymer can smoothly slide across the interface and significantly reduce the shear stress during processing, thus improving the resin processing performance, product quality, energy consumption, production efficiency and machine abrasion.



Javachem®SF is a fluoropolymer processing aid based on a novel dispersion technology which has the characteristics of small particle size and uniform dispersion, solving the problems of uneven dispersion during the process of addition and masterbatch preparation.

· The first high-performance polymer processing aid(PPA)with independent intellectual property rights in China (Patent No.: ZL 2019 1 1363530.1)

· Based on self-developed compounding technology and uniform dispersion of fluoropolymer grain size (3-7μm)

· The less addition (100-300ppm) in the granulation production of polyolefins

· Javachem®SF won the Plastics Industry - 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Award


It can improve processing rheology of low melt index resins for smoother extrusion; reduce extrusion pressure during plastic processing for the reduction of energy consumption and machine abrasion; decrease or eliminate die drool and prolong continuous production time. Under the same product quality and energy consumption, the production efficiency can be increased by 20%-40% with addition of Javachem®SF.


Blown film

Javachem®SF can eliminate melt fracture during film blowing, reduce bubble chatter, and eliminate "shark skin" on the surface of films; reduce the generation of gel in the melt, lessen the crystal point, thus improving the transparency and gloss of films, finally the quality of the films can be enhanced.


Cast film

Javachem®SF decreases die drool, reduces the phenomenon of uneven film thickness, improves the surface gloss and smoothness of the finished products, and enhances processing stability.


Wire and Cable

Javachem®SF can reduce die pressure, improve extrusion stability, lessen extrusion pulsation, effectively eliminate the generation of die drool, significantly improve processing fluidity, decrease torque and enhance throughput.


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