Innovation application of Javachem high-performance innovative plastic additives
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Javachem has long been committed to the research and development and production of silicone additives, providing leading material solutions. At Chinaplas 2021, Javachem mainly showcased TPU soft improvement additive, bio-plastic additive, synergistic FR charring agent and PP-Si controllable material, helping cope with the challenges in the application of materials, and work together to improve product performance.

“ TPU soft improvement additive

TPU soft improvement additive

Improved elasticity

Stain resistant 

Soft and dry


“ Bio-based plastic additive

Bio-based plastic additive

 Improved hydrophobicIty

Reduced die drool

Enbanced processing performance


“ Synergistic FR charring agent

Synergistic FR charring agent

Enhanced charring rate 

Reduced dripping


“ PP-Si controllable cross-linking materials

PP-Si controllable cross-linking materials

High melt strength

High HDT

High stiffness



“ Every single pellet is

 in good hands 

Javachem is dedicated to the material’s “surface kongfu” thatenables the material highly applicable in new application areas through modification technology and simplifythe material system for easy recycling. In the future, there will bemore R&D investment on material’s surface aesthetics for broadening the application market. It willimprove our environment space and home life, and make our life more beautiful.

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