Wire China 2020 丨 Our novelty and sincerity
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Wire China 2020 arrives in Shanghai as scheduled from 23~26, September,  to stage a gluttonous feast of the wire&cable industry. Javachem together with the partners in the industry join in and discuss together.


Wire China. 2020

Although the exhibition attendance has reduced relatively due to the COVID, it also decreased the hurry of  people to have more time to communicate. Finding a comfortable place to chat about products, applications and households,W5 E76 is a good choice.

Novelty  and sincerity is our theme in 2020


Our booth enjoys the best fame besides our products  during the exhibition. In recent years, we are gradually forming our own style through constant adjustment, learning from new process, color matching and detail treatment.

The new attempt changes the previous structure of aluminum alloy to make the booth look softer without the cold feeling of metal. Bright orange, warm, lively and full of energy, makes people feel comfortable and happy. The integrity is much better with no patchwork when we transfer the PP paper poster to the whole cloth one.


This is our novelty, a novel try to have our own style of booth.


New customers & old partners

The exhibition is a meeting of old partners to close communicate and to learn from each other, which is the concentration of time and space by gathering the friends who can’t get together at ordinary times.

It’s also an opportunity to meet new friends, establishing the first connection through a short exchange. 


It’s our great pleasure to show our new products at the exhibition. 

Javachem®GW-6200P provides efficiency and safety

Javachem®GW-6200P is a high-performance silicone additive based on polysiloxane and olefin copolymerization technology, which can be compatible with almost all known thermoplastic polymers. Due to its internal and external lubrication, Javachem®GW-6200P can greatly improve the processability and fluidity of thermoplastic polymers. With small amount of Javachem®GW-6200P, the final products’ surface performances such as smoothness and gloss can be efficiently improved, with no influence on polymer properties and processing performance. 


Javachem®SF-001 helps to improve the processing properties of cable compounds

Javachem®SF-001 is a micron grade fluorosilicone polymer processing aid based on the new dispersion technology, which can form the polymer coating structure with low surface energy in base resin and allow the processed polymers slide smoothly across the machine. With the characteristics of rapid onset, good dispersion, high-temperature resistance and non-coking,  Javachem®SF-001 can eliminate melt fracture, reduce die drool, reduce black spots and crystal spots, prolong the processing cycle and improve product appearance.


Our sales people are getting stronger and stronger either on professional knowledge, or industry dynamics, they know well of material, process and machinery.

They are developing into the technical sales slowly, this is our harvest.

The fresh ones are ripening,  the  mature ones are slowly accumulating themselves.

It’s a growing team with vitality and momentum,this is our harvest..


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