Chinaplas 2017丨Javachem’s stories with you.
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Chinaplas 2017---- a cup of coffee exchanges for your story

Spectacular Chinaplas says goodbye to 2017 and embraces 2018.

We are in Shanghai next year and hope to see you again. 


Chinaplas 2017 is in full swing scene and we are also very busy. Some guys blend their legs after long-time standing, some talk themselves blue in the face, while others get a bad cold because of fluctuating weather in Guangzhou. In order not to miss the chance to talk segments with our partners, we still persist by overcoming all kinds of problems. We must give more compliments to our team members. In these four days, I have my own story and you have too. Now we share Javachem’s stories with you. 




Favorite snacks 

The unique feature of our booth is enjoying yourself, I guess. Every day we offer fresh snacks together with unlimited coffee. There is no doubt that we want to attend the fair in a special way. Here comes a girl who engages in foreign trade, eating four cakes when she sits in our booth. I am surprised at her. Isn’t she worried about getting fat? Looking at her petite body, I think she probably doesn’t care about it. So thank for enjoying our desserts. 


Friendship and coffee

This year many new” friends” join us such as a good coffee machine that looks like penguin. The Javachem’s coffee is so fabulous that we can even open a café. Even the Iran friends from the opposite booth come and enjoy our coffee. They send special candy in return and exchange WhatsApp with us so that we can keep in touch after the exhibition. 


Stools with “pretty face”

We plan a lot for Chinaplas 2017 including new-version brochure, new coffeemaker, new dessert bar and candy with new flavors. What must be mentioned of these new things are stools with “pretty face”. These nice-looking stools are moved from Zhejiang to Guangzhou by bus, which is very comfortable to sit. “Throughout the exhibition hall, Javachem’s stool is the most beautiful and comfortable.” one of the customers said that. We are fully prepared so as to keep in good condition for this exhibition. Thanks for your love. 


Javachem in painting 

Many people in Javachem have talents of painting, singing, hand-making and even martial arts. There is a painting of Javachemin the booth. I think you should seize a chance to visit Javachem and I will treat you with scallion noodles in our dining hall. 


Strongest team 

In Javachem, technician and salesman is a good couple. The salesman will look for the technician to solve problems. Meanwhile, the technician will also look for the salesman to learn about more market applications. This time this good couple will form the strongest team to work together, ready for Chinaplas 2017. Ren and Peng will offer the technical supports in the venue. 







Friends, thank you for coming to our booth! What new style do you want to see next year in Javachem? Leave your comments below and let’s make it come true. Last but not least, thank you for everything that Chinaplas2017 brings. 

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