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For these years, whether outreach foreign exhibitions or domestic exhibitions in the professional field, we are trying our best to create the perfect moment during the exhibition, striving to bring you the best exhibition visit and communication experience.


This time, we want to create the perfect moment for the exhibition: Wire&tube Düsseldorf 2018  

Wire&tube Düsseldorf 2018

Wire&tube Düsseldorf 2018 

Exhibition Date: Apr.16th-Apr.20th, 2018

 Exhibition Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

Founded in 1986, wire&cable exhibition has gone through with tube exhibition for more than 30 years. This year 2018, they will celebrate their 32nd birthday. There is an old saying goes, when a man establishes himself in thirties, he gradually shows his charm, so does the exhibition. Now the both of two exhibitions have developed into a big party of this industry and its related application industries which is attracted by people all over the world.  Over 2,600 production companies  spontaneously gather in Germany to communicate with buyers from more than 130 countries around the world every two years. 


A sense of formality: Beginning of the perfect moment 

Every preparation before the exhibition is filled with a sense of formality and adhere to our own style. 

We carefully prepare the different kinds of domestic candies,  the white rabbit toffee, the hand-made nougat, or the coconut sugar from Hainan, letting the foreign friends taste the chinese candies which is different from chocolate.

Gather the different departments for modifying the catalogue, think about the plans and enjoy the joy of brainstorm, so that you can see us at first glance in the vast sea of people.

Making every efforts on detail is just for a perfect meet with you. 


 Importance: Foundation of the perfect moment 

If  the first glance of meet is eye-affinity, then the most important thing is applicability of the products.  We have most powerful high-performance silicone additives for wire& cable industry, providing the different content or medium whatever the carrier is. We believe that we will have other gains in this Germany wire& tube exhibition. 


Javachem®GT offers a novel solution for HFFR compounds based on PE / EVA. It improves processing fluidity and melt viscosity in extrusion, provides synergistic flame retardancy and higher oxygen index, promotes filler dispersion and enhances processing properties.


Javachem®GT-600 is an UHMW polysiloxane with special functional groups with PE as carrier. It provides excellent wear resistance with less scratches and defects on the surface, thus prolonging the service life of the cable.


Javachem®GT-650 is an ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in PP resin. The contained functional groups act as anchoring point in PP resin, which impart good compatibility with materials..It can improve the performance of flame retardants, reduce impurities and deliver a gloss and smoothness surface without exudation and stickiness.


Javachem®GW-6200 is a copolymer of siloxane polymer and polyolefin. It can be highly proceeded in constant processes and almost compatible with all known thermoplastic polymers. With excellent internal and external lubrication, it greatly improves processing fluidity of thermoplastic polymers. It improves surface quality in low dosage, such as gloss and smoothness, with no influence on processing and mechanical properties.

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